Friday, November 23, 2018

How To Unblock Yourself When You Are Blocked By Someone On WhatsApp Using Your Android Phone

Have you experienced getting blocked by someone on whatsapp before? How do you feel when someone blocked you on whatsapp? Do you ever think of how you can unblock yourself from the person's blocked users list?

Remember that whenever you are blocked on whatsapp by someone, you won't be able to send a message, files or anything at all to him or her.

Sometimes, due to the misunderstanding between you and someone might cause the reason why the person blocked you and sometimes you won't even know the reason why someone or even your own friend blocked you on whatsapp.

Whatever the case might be, the solution has been provided already. So, you don't need to wait or beg the person to unblock you and you don't even need to worry when someone blocks you on whatsapp anymore because you can unblock yourself again in just a few minutes.

Without wasting much of our times, let me take you through the steps at which you can unblock yourself when you are blocked by someone on whatsapp

How Can I Unblock MySelf From Someone Block List?

The steps are very simple and you can Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • First of all backup your whatsapp data so that you don't lose any of your chat messages with your friends. See how to backup your whatsapp data.
  • Launch your whatsapp and go to Settings

  • Go to Account then scroll down to Delete My Account and click on "Delete My Account"

  • You will be asked to put your phone number, just put the phone number you used to register your whatsapp account then click on Delete My Account and your account will be deleted.

  • Now go to your android menu and open Settings.

  • After opening your settings, scroll down to Apps and click on it to find your whatsapp application and click on the whatsapp.

  • Click on storage and then click on CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE to clear your data and cache.

  • Now you can come back to uninstall your WhatsApp application
  • Restart your phone
  • Open your Google Play Store app and install WhatsApp again or ask any of your friends to send you the latest version of WhatsApp if they have.
  • After the installation of the WhatsApp application, put your mobile number in the provided box to register your whatsapp account again.
  • Finally, search for the person that blocked you before and you can find and be able to chat with them again.
Note: Backup your whatsapp data before starting the process to avoid losing your previous whatsapp chat messages.

See how you can restore your whatsapp chats to see your previous chat messages again

Above is the simple steps you should take to unblock yourself from your friend's block list and start chatting with them again.

If you have any question or suggestion, please drop your comment below and I will reply you as soon as possible.
Thank you and enjoy.

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