Tuesday, December 11, 2018

5 Best Way To Avoid Your Android Phone From Being Stolen

Do you want to prevent your phone from being stolen or lost?

Do you want to make your phone useless to the thief even after he restarts the phone, changes the SIM and battery?

Are you concerned that someone will access your phone and see all your private information?

Are you worried that someone is checking your phone regularly?

Do your friends misuse your phone (texts, Facebook and emails etc.) without your permission?

Do you hate inquisitive people trying to access your phone all the time?

We have provided a solution if you don’t want anyone to use your phone without your permission.
How To Avoid Your Android Phone From Being Stolen

This method is very easy and understandable
  • Download and install Anti-theft Alarm on Google Play store
  • Launch the Anti-theft alarm app.
  • Sign in using any of the five (5) options. As for me, I used the sign in with phone option.
  • Fill in your mobile number if you chose the sign in with phone option and tap verify phone number.
  • Six (6) digit code will be sent to your mobile number, fill in the code in the provide space and tap Continue

  • Now you will find four (4) options which you can activate to protect your phone from thieves.

  • Tap the settings icon beneath

  • Change Alarm Tone and Change Pin or Pattern. (I will recommend you to choose the Car Alarm tone because it is very loud and will easily scare thieves away from stealing your phone). That is the tone I am using currently.

See the 5 best way you can avoid your phone from being stolen or getting lost listed below.

The 5 Best Way To Avoid Your Phone From Being Stolen

  • Charger Detection Mode: Activate this option if you want to detect when a charger is disconnected from your phone (Make sure you connect your phone charger before you can activate this mode). This means when you are charging your phone in a public place and someone tries to disconnect the charger from the phone, a very loud alarm will trigger and you will know if someone is trying to steal your phone or not.
  • Motion Detection Mode: Activate this option if you want to detect if your phone is moved. This means when you placed your phone in a safe place you can still know if someone is trying to act funny on you or if you don't want your kids or family members to use your phone when you are not around. Once someone touched or try to move the phone, a loud alarm will trigger.
  • Proximity Detection Mode: Activate this option if you want to detect if someone removed your phone from your pocket. This option is very good and I loved this option. Most of us traveled on public buses or moved in public or crowded places. Your phone will be safe if you activate the Proximity Detection Mode. Immediately someone tries to remove your phone from your pocket or your phone drops off your pocket a loud alarm will trigger. Some of us might not know what Proximity means. Read what proximity means in android phones
  • Sim Detection Mode: This will let you detect when sim card was changed in your phone. Let's assume your phone was stolen and the thief tries to replace the sim card, the alarm will continue to ring until the right password is entered and only you know the password you set for your Anti-Theft app.
  • Be careful, be security conscious.
Thieves be careful of this app.

Best app to protect your phone from robbers.

Note: This app doesn't claim that it can avoid theft completely. It's the owner's responsibility to be careful, but by using this app you can avoid theft.

If you get hooked somewhere, feel free to use the comment box and I will help you.

Thank you and enjoy.

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