Saturday, December 1, 2018

How to display ‘seconds’ in time/clock on the Android status bar without rooting the phone (Hidden Settings)

I guess you don't know you have this on your phone right now because you never saw it anywhere in your settings where you can apply such setting right?

Don't be surprised, you can do add ‘seconds’ to your ticking clock/time.

This is a hidden setting which many people may never know exist because it not easily found in your Android phone settings, but with the help of some little trick which we will apply, we will make it possible to add ‘seconds’ to your ticking time/clock.

According to my findings, adding ‘seconds’ to your clock/time can be applied to any android version 7.0 and above.

Do not worry, in my upcoming post I will show you how to add ‘seconds’ to your clock/time on any version of Android.

Meanwhile, let android version 7.0 and above users start enjoying this as it is hot.

Let's not waste our time and let's get to the real deal.

How to add ‘seconds’ to clock/time on Android v7.0 and above.

This method might look similar to my previous post but this method is straight for easy and better understanding.

  • Navigate to your android toolbar menu by dragging the menu down

  • Click and hold on the settings icon for like 5 seconds at the top right corner of your status bar and your settings page will appear like the image below.

  • Scroll down to find system UI Tuner

  • Click on the system UI Tuner option, then a page will appear with Status bar, Do not disturb and Other

  • Click on the status bar and another page will appear
  • Scroll down and find Time

  • Click on time and three options will come up
  • Choose show hours, minutes and seconds option.

  • Finally, check the time on your Android status bar and you will see hours, minutes and seconds ticking.

This is the simple and easy way you can add ‘seconds’ to your Android phone clock/time on the status bar.

I hope this simple tutorial is understandable.

If you have any question, feel free to ask using the comment section.

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Thank you and enjoy!

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