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How To Read Your Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Friend WhatsApp Message Direct From Your Android Phone. (100% Working Method)

This will be one of my best working tutorials so far.

Have you thought of tracking your girlfriend or boyfriend phone to know whether he or she is

cheating on you?

Many people never believe this can work as they believed reading someone else WhatsApp

messages without touching his or her phone will be much difficult.

I am telling you that reading your girlfriend, boyfriend or friend WhatsApp message is working 100%.

Be cool, you are going to learn how to do that with the simple steps I will mention below.

How Do I Read My Girlfriend Or Boyfriend WhatsApp Message On My Android?

Without wasting much of our time, let's get started with the steps right away.

  • Firstly, visit the website "Mobile Tracker Free (Wifi)" and click on "Install application free" as seen in the image below. The reason why I bracketed the word WIFI was that after installing the app, the app name will automatically change to WIFI so that the victim won't notice the installation of an app on their mobile phone.

  • The page will load and another page will come up, then click on "Download app" as seen in the image below.

  • After hitting on the "Download app", you might get a warning that says "This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep the app anyway?" Please ignore the warning and download the app.

  • After downloading the app, it is time to install the app but wait. You need to Open the "Google Play Store" app on your phone and disable "Scan device for security threats" button as seen in the image below. The reason why you should disable the button is to disallow Google protect to uninstall the Mobile Tracker App you downloaded earlier because Google protect will feel the app is not secured due to it was not downloaded on their Google play store. 

  • After Disabling the "Scan device for security threats" button, you can now go ahead to install the Mobile Tracker App. While trying to install the Mobile Tracker App, you might get a notification as seen in the image below but if you do not get the notification in the image below then ahead to install the app

  • Click on "Security

  • After clicking on Security, Enable the "Unknown Sources" button as you can see in the image below

  • Now look for the folder where the mobile tracker app was downloaded then go ahead and install it. While installing the app, you will be asked to Decline or Accept their terms. Simply click on accept. See image below.
  • Now click on "Create an account"

  • Fill in your email address and password and click on "Create" (Make sure you keep your email and password in mind) The email and password are what we need to finalize all the steps highlighted in this post.

  • A page will appear, make sure you enable all the buttons and click "Save" as seen in the image below. Remember, the mobile tracker app will be automatically renamed to WIFI. In case you were asked for permission and you see WIFI, click on the WIFI activation button to enable it.

  • After you have successfully created the account, log on to your email account and you will find the mail sent to you. Open mail and click on the link in the mail to verify the account you've just created above. See image below.

You have successfully installed and created an account. It is time to start tracking your girlfriend or boyfriend phone by reading his or her WhatsApp messages directly on your Android device.

Notice: You should know that all the steps I listed above will be performed on the victim phone which you want to be reading his or her WhatsApp messages. So, that means you need to have access to her phone but just once to perform all the task listed above. 
The rest thing is to continue reading your girlfriend or boyfriend WhatsApp messages on your android phone even while he or she was far away from you.
Let he or she travel to Freetown, you will still read their WhatsApp messages. Lol.

How Will You Read His Or Her Whatsapp Message On Your Own Android Phone After The Steps Above?
  • Log on the mobile tracker account you created in the above step using any of your mobile browsers through the mobile tracker website 

  • After successful login, click on the menu at the top right corner of the website. See the image below for better understanding.

  • Scroll down to find "Instant Messaging" then click on it and you will find WhatsApp, then click on WhatsApp.

  • Finally, you will arrive at your girlfriend or boyfriend WhatsApp messages. The messages might not appear immediately but if it happens like that then wait for 5-10min and refresh the page. Wow, you don catch your cheating girlfriend or boyfriend red-handed. Lolll. See image proof below.

Notice 2: The Mobile Tracker App which name will automatically change to WIFI after installation will be hidden on the victim mobile phone, so there is no fear that the victim will trace or find any sign that you installed an app on his or her phone. If you need to find the app on the victim phone, dial *1234* and tap SEND on your mobile phone dialer and the app will appear.
To uninstall the app, go to settings >> apps and find the app then uninstall.

This is how you can successfully read or spy anyone's WhatsApp message.

Disclaimer: Techyfree Blog will not be held responsible for any damages this might cause you, please use it wisely.

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Thank you and enjoy.

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