Monday, December 17, 2018

How To Recover Your Lost Or Deleted Files On Any Android

How To Recover Your Lost Or Deleted Files On Any Android
Have you lost any important file(s) before? Have you mistakenly deleted any of your files before? Have you ever think of recovering your deleted or lost files before? How do you feel when you mistakenly deleted any file such as photo, music, video, document etc.?
Relax and chill with a cup of coffee because TechyFree has provided a working solution that will help you recover any of your lost files such as photos, music, video, document etc.
Let us not waste our precious time and go ahead with the solution.

The Easy Steps To Recover Your Lost Files Using Your Android
  • Launch your Google playstore app then download and install DiskDigger Photo Recovery.

  • Launch DiskDigger Photo Recovery then tap on START BASIC PHOTO SCAN.

  • When you are asked, “Allow DiskDigger to access photos, media, and files on your devices?” Tap Allow.

  • The scanning will automatically start, wait while the scan is completed.

  • Tick all the files you will like to recover.

  • Click on RECOVER

  • You would be provided with three options. I preferred the second option which is “Save the files to a custom location on your devices”, but you can still choose any of the three options that you liked.

  • Choose any of your folders you would like to save the files if you chose the second option which is Save the files to a custom location on your devices
  •  Finally, tap on NO, THANKS

Wow, you have just learnt how to recover your deleted or lost files using your android phone.
Still confused somewhere? Please drop your comment and I will reply you as soon as possible.
Thanks, enjoy.

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